Approved Training Provider


Astitchworks Concepts is AGD Approved Training Provider.  The AGD Associates program empowers their officers to attend various courses that enable them to develop a deeper knowledge or skills at the Whole Government level.  Please approach your Human Resources or finance department to help you apply for the sewing program you are interested in.

Our Approved Vendor ID: 53220584K.

Training Place: 20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357.




We also are a Non-WSQ Training Organisation Approved. This training with funding support through SkillsConnect can help people use our sewing program provided by Astitchworks as well as get training grant applications for everyone to benefit from.

If you want to use Skills Future credit, please view this link to read the procedure that can be claimed.

You can visit more details about the below courses, click this link SSG Training Exchange.




We are collaborating with the organisations/companies to set up a various sewing program or any events related to fashion sewing subjects to educate her employees/beneficiaries/clients. 

We encourage lifelong learning through continually upgrading the skills of their workforce.  

 If your company interest, please email to, attention Sadiq Dinarro (Adi-Business Manager Marketing) or JuneIyana (Designer Trainer)


Association of Muslim Professional (AMP) aims to equip individuals from less privileged households trade, business and IT skills to start a home-based business as an alternative source of income for the household.  Grants are also awarded to those who have a viable and sustainable home business model.  

Applications for the AMP Micro Business Programme which is open every January/February.  For any enquiries about the programme, you may contact Mdm. Mariam at 6416 1426 or email

AMP @ Pasir Ris
1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 #05-11
Singapore 519457




Astitchworks works closely with Mendaki Sense (MENDAKI Social Enterprise Network Singapore Pte Ltd) provide our sewing program for their clients/beneficiaries.   In addition, Mendaki offers advice and guidance to job seekers as well as employees who are interested in career enhancements and upgrading skills.

MENDAKI Social Enterprise Network Singapore Pte Ltd
116 Changi Road, WIS@Changi Singapore 419718
Subsidiary: SENSE (Tel: 6708 6400, Fax: 6708 6500)


MUIS is embarked on an underprivileged family based sewing programme to help as many of its Zakat-receiving families become self-reliant through the Empowerment Partnership Scheme (EPS).   Eligible applicants can go to the Social Development Lead-Mosque nearest to their official residential address.



AIN SOCIETY conducts workshops and courses which focus on improving the individual's quality of life (works closely with MUIS/others)

AIN Society Head Office
c/o Blk 2 Eunos Crescent
#01-2545, Singapore 400002
Tel: +65 6848 5166
Fax: +65 6844 7243 


OTHERS from the company, community center, clubs, etc. to enhance their emotional and social interaction skills and to promote bonding among them.   Applicants may approach the Social Development Lead such as ComCare, community center, etc. nearest to their official residential address.









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