Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 categories courses in our sewing programme such as

1) Comprehensive (1:1) Learning

  • 12 lessons
  • 3 hours each
  • to be completed within 3 months
  • set up your own flexibility schedule and sessions
  • 09.30 am to 12.30 pm
  • 02.30 pm to 05.30 pm
  • 07.00 pm to 10.00 pm

2) Group Learning (max 6 to 8 participants)

  • 8 lessons
  • 3 hours each
  • No replacement if absent
  • schedule set by Astitchworks

3) Workshop Learning (max 6 to 8 participants)

  • short courses
  • 7 hours to 14 hours each lesson
  • schedule set by Astitchworks
  • No replacement if absent

Comprehensive Learning provide 3 different styles of learning in sewing programme that provide the learners with the intensive guide on sewing terminology and will learn everything to get learners sew with comfort on your machine 

1) Beginner (fresh learners) who have never touched any sewing before and zero skills. They will learn the basic sewing lessons with more details in taking measurement, draft & understand the basic pattern making, practical in hand-on sewing & sewing technique and quality of sewing work & alterations.

Suitable Courses are:

  • Interpret Patterns And Sew Formal Skirts & Blouses (Skills Future Course - CRS-N-0046082)
  • Develop Patterns and Sew Casual Vintage Dresses (Skills Future Course - CRS-N-0046081)
  • Develop Patterns and Sew Oriental Cheong Sam Dresses
  • Patterns Making And Sew Kurung & Kebaya Pesak Suits
  • Interpret Patterns and Sew Formal Karta / Punjabi Suits
  • Interpret Patterns and Sew Ethnic Men Kurung and Pant Suits

2) Intermediate Learners who come from different paths to progress to study fashion skills to develop a solid understanding of the fashion industry or business knowledge. The courses are for learners who already have a sewing knowledge or skills. Lessons content are construction advance pattern making & sewing procedures, understand the textiles and produce professionally fitted garments.

Suitable Courses are:

  • Develop Patterns And Sew Men’s Shirts & Trousers
  • Patterns Making And Sew Ladies Shirts & Pants
  • Develop Patterns and Sew Outfit Kurung Pahang & Kebarung Suits
  • Interpret Patterns and Sew Outfits Cheong Sam Dresses

3) Competence Learners who have learned the sewing skills and knowlege they are expected to learn more high-technology method as they progress through their education.

Suitable Courses are:

  • Develop Pattern and Sew Jacket & Bespoke Suits
  • Interpret Pattern and Embellish Bridal Couture Sewing

It is better to come free preview session at your convenient time by fix the appointment Our trainers will provide more information to answer all questions and share some ideas to help you know where to start the sewing courses.


If you have sewn before and are confident with the basic sewing, you can consider to register under Fashion Sewing Courses - Level 2 that you can view at

Astitchworks usually have 1 trainer for 1 to 1 Learning class (max 2 students) and 2-3 trainers for Group Learning class class in a maximum of 6-10 students.

1 to 1 learning only allowed for replacement class to postpone or cancel the notice of 2 days in advance to us. Called last minutes will be not acceptable for 1 to 1 learning and Group learning unless you are sick or in case of emergency please produce a proof document. For Group learning please just inform us beforehand, at least; our trainers could help to capture the content when you attend the next class. P/S: Astitchworks is a Education center and apply to standard regulations, however, it's also student's responsibility.

You will receive Free sewing starter kits, A4 draft book and sewing note. Tools, sewing machines, Fresh drink and snack are provided during class period. Just bring extra money to buy A1 white paper for practically create patterns and materials you need to have. Our trainer will advise what materials to bring for the next lesson.

Upon your confirmation of your registration either online or walk-in, $300 deposit is required can pay by cash, bank transfer, cheque or e-invoice. We will notice you once receive the payment and the balance full amount to be settle on your first lesson. Application installment will consider case by case with support documents (terms & conditions).

We will help our students to buy Brother & Elna domestic & industry machine direct from our Vendors. Fabric and sewing accessories can buy our nearby fabric shops you can choose your own favorite design and color are better.

It may confused you by email the details, therefore; we appreciate you come personally to our school at 20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357 for a free preview to provide a clear information about our sewing courses to suit you.

Astitchworks Concepts will still collect from you any outstanding fees that were due before your official withdrawal date subject to the terms and conditions stated in the contract.