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Astitchworks is a fashion apparel education training house dedicated to serving communities. Astitchworks elevates the sewing skills of its students to meet the local apparel custom-to-made / contemporary rising demand for ethical and high-quality production services.  See how our students enjoy and fun with our trainers/staff.

Astitchworks believes the Better Ways is to share the knowledge and skills sincerely and treat all students fairly with positive benefits and good relationships with trainers and students. And, herewith are guidelines of our Learning how Astitchworks runs the sewing program.  


Our Principal Trainer's Women Achievement 



Inspirational Success Stories

Being successful is the desire of all of us living on this beautiful planet. Regardless of whether the person in question is young or old, at every stage of our broad life, our desire to succeed and to continue moving toward greater success.

The mentality of competing with each other can often be seen everywhere including schools, occupations including organizations and so on. In comparison to our quest for success, we often expect more and want success to knock on our door soon.

Success is the result of determination and focuses as we move forward in our work journey. Hopefully, the following story will give you a personality to build on your potential to achieve your goals of success.


A Story of Lu Lu Thwel Success (2018).

We call her Sawn because easy to remember her when she worked in Singapore for 9 years.

She was lucky to have an opportunity to learn sewing with June Astitchworks. She graduated with a diploma after attended 3 different sewing courses. She starts voluntarily to teach with Astitchworks for 1.5 years before migrating. She is a helpful student and constantly improving herself for the better.

Then, she continued to study in her country and explored herself through investing in her relationships — professional and personal as well as a network that helped her develop and refine skills that would foster her career development.

Definity, the sun is shining brightly to her now. Congratulations and we hope she will succeed! We miss you from Astitchworks Concepts and June Astitchworks.




Arumizah Arshad's Fashion Designer & Sewist Success Story (2016)

Arumizah or well known as Miza Arshad, a former housewife, came across Astitchworks Concept through our blog and today is a proud entrepreneur woman with high skills and confidence. She joins us in taking dressmaking classes since 2012 and exposes her skills in a variety of courses. Later, she began working as a seamstress for friends and other networks at her home studio.

This city is where Arumizah continues to sharpen her sewing. It was her dream just to sew her own wardrobe but, now she was unpredictable with emotion and tears in her eyes which she did not expect to be a business woman with the support & courage of her surroundings. At that time, she never imagined he would grow his business like this.

Her career started collaborating with some artists, she sews clothes on request. She still continues to study fashion design courses that she is passionate about enhancing her professional skills. Astitchworks Concepts and June Astitchworks wish her all the best!






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