Astitchworks is SME business for Fashion Sewing & Craft Education Training. Failure makes us much improved, success is most in front of us, we always focus. We always appreciate the support of our students and customers.

We will do our very best to continue to meet our students and customers' nee
- Astitchworks Management Staff - JuneIyana
Completely enjoyed the sewing learning time with Astitchworks

Learned a lot about pattern making and proper sewing techniques

I will definitely be going back for an intermediate course!
- Ellen Tsai (Basic Pattern And Sew Formal Skirts & Blouses / Develop Pattern And Sew Casual
Thank you, June, Lina and Arif for their patience and caring.  You are good trainer and teaching with a special quality and customer services.  It's about the reason ...sharing and tips of sewing skills given, having a passion for it and conveying that passion to all students which priority you
- Angeline Wee (Develop Pattern And Sew Oriental Chong Sam Dresses / Pattern Making And Sew
I would like to express my gratitude for being one of your students.  I've been with Astitchworks since 2012 and have just completed yet another fulfilling course offered.  Astitchworks believes in providing lifelong learning - nurturing students to reach their fullest potential. Hence, the durati
- Singlestitch By Me (Miza Arshad) (Basic Pattern And Sew Formal Skirts & Blouses /Pattern
Friendly and very helpful

Super fantastic
- Mahirah Inhibhaar Mab (Customer - April 24, 2016)
I have an excellent trainer who is Kak June. She is patience towards my works as I'm a beginner.

I would recommend Astitchowrks to anyone who wants to learn sewing.  No doubt about it.

Thumbs ups!
- Eddie Azron (Pattern Making And Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak / Intermediate Sewing Co
I took the Elementary Contemporary Sewing Course. I use to say i can sew, but actually there's a lot of things about sewing I do not know. Its is just a right place here for people like me. One to one teaching, explaning, right technique of sewing. I would love to come back for advance learning.

- Roszita Bte Razali Roszita (Elementary Contemporary Sewing Course - July 29, 2016)
This was disgusted with Nadine Ann Lourdes actions who wrote at Astitchworks' Review. Astitchworks already sincerely apologized her, she still ego. I found Nadine Ann Lourdes showed unprofessional attitude and waste more time talkative with a trainee.
I was there in sewing class, she came late
- Jennifer Chua Soon Tham (Basic Pattern And Sew Formal Skirts & Blouses / Interpret Pattern
Thank you so much for teaching this course as I discovered that June, Liza and Adi are very patience teachers and staff. Their encouragement and persistence during my learning period has taught me, opened my eyes to what I could be. This sewing course very rewarding and practical. The sewing notes w
- Tatherine Lee (Develop Pattern And Sew Casual Vintage Dresses / Pattern Making And Sew Lad
I had no idea what a bobbin is or what seam allowances are when I started. This stuff takes time, lots to learn, especially if you’ve never sewn before. With lots of practice, patience, and study, now I can cut my own pattern. I don't regret it to learn it at Astitchworks, ever; the course fee is
- Wong Suhaila (Pattern Making And Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak / Develop Pattern And S
June is crazy knowledgeable and super patience. Considering I was a beginner, her passion for what she does is apparent in the beautiful work produced, as she guides me step by step. And, she courage me to create on my own pattern making.

I would highly recommend this sewing class with Astitchwor
- Meslina Almaci Yildiz (Develop Pattern And Sew Casual Vintage Dresses / Pattern Making And
You have no idea how grateful we are, Astitchworks and trainers have helped our daughter cope up with the pressure of her new program.

She might lack confidence, but; we all know that the credit for her progress doesn’t go to those classes only, to a helpful and caring teacher like you.
- Kathy Tan (Her Daughter Took Develop Pattern And Sew Casual Vintage Dresses / Pattern Maki
When I signed up for the course, I was a bit leery of course based on the bad comments. As I moved through the course, though, I found that the course is very helpful in understanding the concepts that were being presented. June is a knowledgeable extraordinary instructor, has assisted me in clearly
- Syafiq Hafiz Matmoto (Pattern Making And Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak / Develop Patte
I who had graduated from a fashion school was not taught the basics of body measurement and thus I struggled with my patterns and sewing capabilities. Also, there's a difference between a fashion designer and a dressmaker. So I advised any of you out there who happen to apply for a fashion school to
- Zilah Bmk (Pattern Making And Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak - May 27, 2016)
Prior to learning at Astitch-works, I was afraid that I could not cope with the lesson as I had no prior experience in sewing. The trainer, Kak June was very patient with me even when I made many mistakes. She gave me useful advice and know-hows which helped me improve my sewing greatly.
- Nadia Mohdazrin (Intermediate Contemporary Sewing - August 2, 2016)
Very professional and fun class.

Instructor June is very knowledgeable, always goes out of her way to teach students and always encourages me to learn. Love coming here!
- Abeja Maya (Develop Pattern And Sew Oriental Chong Sam Dresses - May 24)
I took up the Elementary Traditional Sewing course and learn on how to sew a Baju Kurung, A vintage lace Kebaya and Batik sarong. Trainers were very detailed and precise in their method of teaching from pattern making to actual sewing. They were very helpful in sharing sewing tips through their year
- Fafa Rykel (Pattern Making And Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak - May 27, 2016)
I took up sewing because I enjoy doing it. Astitch-works is definitely a place for a beginner to start learning sewing. Trainer June is really a wonderful trainer and always repeats difficult sewing techniques. She's always there to guide you. So this is definitely the place for a beginner.
- Rahma Webb (One Day Workshops: Abaya & Kimono Courses - February 18, 2017)
The best thing about Astitchworks classes is the teaching more advanced sewing techniques by June’s enthusiasm makes it great fun and makes it seem easy to understand. She is patience teacher, relaxed approach to teaching a subject she is obviously passionate about.
- Su Rosalind Ang (Interpret Pattern And Sew Outfits Cheong Sam Dresses L2 - August 10, 2017
Astitch-works is definitely a wonderful place for a beginner to start learning sewing. I had no knowledge or experience in sewing when i joined Astitch-works. However, after my short course, I've gained so much knowledge that makes me feel very confident to pursue this skill. My teacher is definitel
- Prathiba Christina (Basic Pattern And Sew Formal Skirts & Blouses - February 16, 2017)
A really great sewing class. June and Lina are very confident and relaxed teachers which help to make me feel confident and relaxed too. 

I attended one of the beginners' courses with no sewing experience whatsoever and following the course, with help of Astitchworks I manage to purchase my own
- Farhana Md Ali (Pattern Making And Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak - August 10, 2017)
I understand the problem of some nasty students who have a negative perceptive of the attitudes not only disrupt the business but also embarrassing trainers or other staff in social media.

I know, as Exist Student, the unique characteristics Astitchworks (June, Adi, Arfian, Lina) is continuing ef
- Siti Aisyah Wahyu (Advanced Sewing Course - February 06, 2016)
I took Intermediate sewing lessons from Astitch-works. Trainer. June is very patient and encouraging in helping me get over my sewing phobia. She spent times to check my drafting note, gave me some practical sewing work so I could maximize my lesson time, and made sure the instructions were clearly
- Bob Lim (Intermediate Sewing Course - March 09, 2016)
At first, I felt the pressure early and thought Doris is fierce. No kidding now - it so much pleasure, joy and excitement it's hard to explain, The trainers actually taught explicitly and very caring. Ensure student understand and can make our own patterns in future. Courage to practice more in my c
- Lourdes Sally Betty (Intermediate Sewing Course - March 02, 2016)
I like because the training is easy to follow the step and the trainer is very helpful to improve my sewing skill..thank you kak june

Facebook Review
- Ogy Ali (AMP Micro Biz Intermediate Sewing Course - May 26, 2016)
It has been an amazing learning process at stitch work...thank u so MUCH for Madam Ju for her patience and kindness in sharing great values in elementary sewing course.

I would strongly recommend ASTITCH work!
- D'Aura Diyaz Lestry (Elementary Sewing Course - March 9, 2016)
Generally, the class Instructor and the instructors are very good. I can understand easily. The ambiance and all the facilities are very satisfying. Thank you.
- Miss Sharifah Beevi (Elementary Contemporary Sewing Course - April 24, 2014)
The Cheongsams collar which I was taught by the trainer was perfect! It fitted well. Like a glove, when wearing it. Thanks for giving me tips on making this perfect collar. Love it!
- Miss Wong Mabeline (Elementary Contemporary & Traditional Sewing Course - April 05, 2014)
The quality of work done is good, No complaint at this front. There is mis-understanding for the swing on the 2nd phase of work. However, they complete the works in a good workmanship with reasonable charging cost.
- Mr Lim Teow Bong - Alteration On Silk Bedsheet Set - April 04, 2014)
I have learned many from this class since I have no experience of sewing at all, I appreciate the instructor patience when teaching the class. I do wish I can learn more types of dressmaking in future. I wish the Instructor all the best!
- Miss Aisha Abdul Rahman (Group Learning: Elementary Contemporary Sewing Course - April 24,
I had a little knowledge of sewing and I had a simple machine at home which I seldom used. I come to astitchworks to learn more especially on Tracing patterns, I m glad I have made the right choice and did it. Now I know more especially making of Dress, Skirts, and Blouses. I hope I can use on my
- Miss Saydee Yaneez - (Group Learning: Elementary Contemporary Sewing Course - April 24, 20