Tailoring Services

And, we have been delivering professional tailoring services and exquisite workmanship in our custom-made suits for all occasions.  Explore our different services and experience the satisfied of Personal-To-You.  All accompanied by expert advice from our dressmaker consultant. 

Recognized each client is unique, Astitchworks endeavors to fulfill each customer needs by offering maximum flexibility with our tailored customizable. You can look forward to a hassle and stress-free experience with sincere services and will strive our best to ensure that your clothes look elegance and classic in your great memory so that we can work towards being the best tailoring shop.

Please make an appointment for tailoring services and bring as below (if)

  • Front & Back of Design
  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Trimming or Accessories (if)
  • Any other request need 
Description Price Range
  Exclusive Tailoring Pattern Making (include Consultation) Services   $50 per half hour
  Collection and Delivery Charge (depend on location area)   $30.00 - $60.00
  Additional Express Charge   $35.00 above
  Special Designing Pattern Request Charge (for Wholesale)   $150 above

ONE-TIME FITTING AND ALTERATION ONLY (after tailoring services)

Description Price Range

 Kids and Womens Custom-Made Tailoring Design 

  • Skirt / Shirt / Blouse / Pant
  • Dress / Gown

  Addition charging for lining cloth

  Addition charging for fabric with beading / sequin / crystal

 Family Suits (top & bottom)


  • $60.00 above
  • $90.00 above

  $60.00 above

  $150.00 above

  $75.00 above

  Kids and Men Ideal Made-to-Measure Stylist

  • Shirt / Trouser
  • Vest / Blazer

  Addition charging for lining cloth    

 Family Suits (top & bottom)         


  • $60.00 above
  • $180.00 above

  $60.00 above

  $75.00 above

  Women and Men Bridal Suits

  • Couture and Bespoke Suit
  • Exclusive Couture Suit 
  • Luxury Bridal Package
  • Embroidery Applique Sewing
  • Swarovski Crystals Pressing
  • Embellishment Sequin Sewing


  • $380.00 above
  • $500.00 above
  • $500.00 above
  • $100.00 above
  • $250.00 above
  • $200.00 above

 Please note prices are a just guideline only and may vary according as well as depend on the type of fabric.

Term & Conditions:

1) Astitchworks has the right to alter these General Terms from time to time. The Customer is deemed to have agreed to this.  

2) Goods: All goods which Astitchworks are to receive from the Customers under the heading of Astitchworks Contract.

3) 70% of payment must be paid by the Customer to Astitchworks upon the confirmation of the Order and must settle the remainder of 30% on the collection date. 

4) If the Customer does not pay within the payment term of thirty (30) calendar days after the good ready or alteration there is 10% penalty term of thirty (30) calendar days subsequent or the Customer will automatically be in default without the need for prior notice of default. 

5) If due to delay on the part of the Customer it can no longer be demanded of Astitchworks that it will perform the Contract on the originally agreed conditions.

6) If Astitchworks in whatever form, suffers loss as a result of the fact that the Customer refuses to take the ordered Goods after the date of collection term of ninty (90) calendar days, the Customer is liable for this loss.  And, also there is 10% penalty each month from the expired date or the Customer will automatically be in default without the need for prior notice of default. 

7) Astitchworks is entitled to take an action or the rights under a Contract without the Customer's prior written consent.