Rental Sewing DIY / Embroidery Machines









Look for sewing machines to continue working on your apparel or craft project? Or want a cozy sewing space to work on your personal sewing projects?

We offer you the flexibility to work at your own pace with our hourly sewing and overlock (serger) machine rental from 10 am to 6 pm.  Evening session can be considered (if available). 

(Please note that you will need to be familiar with sewing machines and sewing, instructor guidance is not part of the rental fee. However, a friendly instructor will always be available if you need some help troubleshooting!)

If you're still new with sewing machines, we advise you to register for our workshop of this course Learn a Basic Sewing With Simple Craft Project which you can view at


Rental Rates for Sewing Machine (per person):

$10 per hour (or part thereof)

Special bundle rate: $25 for 3 hours


Rental Rates for Overlock (Serger) Machine (per person):

$10 per hour (or part thereof)

Special bundle rate: $25 for 3 hours


Terms & Conditions

1. Knowledge of sewing skills will be required.

2. Must able to operate the serger or sewing machine safely and without supervision.

3. Our staff will assist only if troubleshooting or advise needed.

4. Only supply white color for overlock (serger) thread

5. Additional $50 per one-time charge of rental for instructor guidance. 

3. No thread color cannot be changed for overlock (serger) machine.


Interest, please provide your details as below and send to WhatsApp - 91857267 or  email:

Full Name (in NRIC)
Mobile Number
Rental type
Date / Time / Period of Hour
Email Address

The studio is open Tuesday to Saturdays from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm.